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The East Fife Members' Centre National Trust for Scotland

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Report on outing to Barry Mill, House of Dun and Aberlemno Pictish Stones
Tuesday 15 August 2017

Members of the East Fife Members' Centre of The National Trust for Scotland had a very interesting summer outing to Barry Mill, House of Dun and the Aberlemno Pictish Stones.

At Barry Mill, the group was split in half and both groups had excellent guided tours of the mill with demonstrations of the mill working,. The earliest record of the mill was when it was leased in 1539 from the monks of Balmerino Abbey, although it is likely that there had been a mill in that spot since much earlier.


Tenants in any area had to have their grain ground by a particular mill, so, having a monopoly, many millers took advantage by giving back short weight in flour or meal, so millers were unpopular and had a bad reputation. Barry Mill was mainly for grinding oats, but also ground barley, wheat etc. as required. The oatmeal sold at Barry Mill now is not ground there for health and safety reasons, but the miller has hopes that the necessary improvements can be made in the future to allow the oatmeal ground there to be sold for human consumption instead of for animal feed.


The EFMC members had a delicious soup and sandwich lunch at House of Dun before again splitting in two for tours of the house. It was designed by William Adam so that any of the four sides could have been the front, and symmetry was very important so that rooms often had doors that were for appearance only and either opened on to a brick wall or did not open at all. The most influential owner of the house was probably Lady Augusta, an illegitimate daughter of King William IV, one of ten children he had to an actress named Dorothea Jordan whom he could not marry as she was deemed ’unsuitable’. However, when he did marry Princess Adelaide of Saxe- Meiningen, she formed a very good relationship with her step children.


One feature in the house that members found amusing was a wall of family portraits, mainly female, who looked very much alike — and very masculine. The reason is believed to be that artists brought portraits with the costume already painted, intending to add the face during a sitting with the subject of the portrait, but some members of the family refused to waste time posing and deputised the butler in a wig to take their place!


The group intended to see the Aberlemno Pictish stones on the way home, but were running late and each member had to choose between seeing the three stones by the roadside or the one in the church yard. However, everyone was happy with their choice. The outing was deemed a great success.